Apple AirPods Exploded in Owners Ear Due to Overheating


Not so long ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has series of exploding devices in which the company recalls and stop selling. Today a man from Florida, his Apple AirPods caught on fire and exploded.

Jason Colon from Tampa, Florida was listening to his dance mix at LA Fitness in St. Peterburg when he noticed that his left AirPods is emitting white smoke. The said device was caught on fire as the evidence from the damage, good thing that no got seriously injured.

It is not clear what led to the incident and what causes it, though Apple said they are already investigating the issue.

apple-airpods-exploded Apple AirPods Exploded in Owners Ear Due to Overheating

This isn’t the first time the company had a similar incident, there are several cases of Apple iPhone 8 Plus batteries swelling and phones being split apart in October 2017.

The first ever reported about the issue was in Taiwan, where a woman found her iPhone 8 swollen and were split into two pieces after charging it.

Apple would be looking into introducing AR products of its own in the near future.

During CES 2018 there are reports circulating that Apple AR products will be coming out soon, and they are already looking for suppliers to release these Apple AR products in the market.


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