Apple’s new iPhone 8 and iPhone X won’t support the extended LTE network that T-Mobile spent $8 billion on acquiring from the FCC earlier this year.

Apple’s new release of iPhone 8 and iPhone X will not support the extended LTE network that T-Mobile are now offering, which cost them $8 billion to acquire from FCC earlier this 2017.

iPhone lacks the support for LTE band that needs to access the T-Mobile’s 600MHz network, this offers better coverage in buildings and rural areas around United States.

Apple’s technology for iPhone 8 and iPhone X doesn’t support the Band 71 that it needs to access the said network, and T-Mobile confirmed this last Friday in a tweet.

T-Mobile-CTO-Neville-Ray-says-that-a-new-Samsung-phone-supporting-600MHz-band-will-be-here-by-the-holidays.jpg Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X will not support T-Mobile LTE Network

T-Mobile CTO Tweet

T-Mobile customers who are planning to upgrade to iPhones, will have to hold for a moment. Other existing T-Mobile LTE network will still work, it will not cover the extended coverage that the company is betting on to help it compete with AT&T and Verizon.

“It’s the equivalent of beachfront spectrum, the stuff that works better in buildings and travels further from the tower,” T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a video.

Apple haven’t responded on its decision on to support 600MHz on its new line up, though it is worth noting that its not only Apple that is missing out the new T-Mobile LTE network, no smartphones to date supports 600MHz band yet, although T-Mobile said that phones from Samsung and LG will support the said LTE in the fourth quarter of 2017.

tmobile600mhzrollouttmo Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X will not support T-Mobile LTE Network

T-Mobile Coverage Map


Since the capability to support 600MHz is hardware based, the new Apple iPhones won’t be able to get support through a software upgrade.

Analyst have already predicted that this years iPhone 8 and iPhone X will spark a “supercycle” of upgrades for customers who are nearing the end of their carrier purchase agreements for iPhone 6s.

If you are planning on getting an Apple iPhone model for the coming years, you should check out T-Mobile’s coverage map predictions for its 600MHz which will be deployed near your area.


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