Apple iPhone 8 Shape Design Change Leaks


Apple will significantly change their iPhone 8 in 2017, a new report leaks regarding these changes from manufacturing partners.

This leak came from China’s Economic Daily News, which they claims sources that iPhone chipset maker TSMC have revealed the iPhone 8 display will be different, a 18.5:9 aspect ration justl ike Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

This move by Apple will allow the manufacturers to increase the size of the smartphone display and keeping it narrow to hold on one hand while still using the keyboard. The only downside is, it will require app developers to redesign their user interface since the navigation on top of the display will be harder to reach.

Another report from Economic Daily News, says that Apple will indeed remove the home button and instead integrate a Touch ID into the said display.

It will also comes with invisible infrared image sensor that will enhance the functionality of the high-pixel camera and enable AR applications. Though the camera on these devices improves, AR is the one Tim Cook has been already publicly stated that will be a big focus for Apple.

Screenshot-2017-05-25-at-14.08.48-1200x1002 Apple iPhone 8 Shape Design Change Leaks

AR is said to be behind the leaked images from horizontal to vertically aligned rear cameras, because it becomes a horizontal alignment when the device is being held in landscape move – orientation for VR.

Economic Daily Times says TSMC has been open about Apple‘s plans to its own 2017 NA Technology Symposium, which will be held in Taipei on May 25th.

What do you think about this new leak? Do you think Apple iPhone 8 will really change the design?


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