Apple iPhone 8 Sneaky Secret, Leaked


Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 promises to introduce a number of new technologies to the iPhone faithful. One of those is a mainstay of many Android handsets, namely wireless charging. But Apple’s implementation is going to be disappointing to those hoping for the accepted protocols to be accepted.

Apple’s iPhone 8 has numerous technologies that are only included in iPhone lineup, however they are going for wireless charging which Android is already using on different smartphones. Though, Apple’s implementation will be different and will disappoint a lot of people.

Apple ‘lock’ the iPhone into using their own wireless charging units or charging units that is actually made for iPhone (MfI) program. Which means that you will have to pay for a third-party product to use this feature.

When rumours about Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium, there was hope that it would adopt the industry’s standard Qi charging protocol. According to Macotakara reports, the wireless charging that Apple will run at 7.5 watts compared to 15 watts which makes up for the Qi 1.2 standard. The third-party charging pads will also be licensed through MfI program.

4x3-anker-powerpoint-qi-wireless-charger Apple iPhone 8 Sneaky Secret, Leaked

Qi wireless charger


This could be the reason why wireless charging is not included in iPhone 8 box, instead you will have to wait for the software updated to turn it on. Part of the charging process is to be able to check that the pad delivering the power is licensed by Apple, if its not, the smartphone will refuse to accept any incoming charge.

On the market, there’s a huge supple of different charging pads and accessories that are being sold which supports Qi standard that can able to charge new iPhone devices. Apple however, decided to work with the accepted standard and decided to put up a separate wall for their community.

Another example is that, Apple has chosen to make sure that their financial return has been maximized while ignoring the community standard. Though Apple has the right to do so, I think that by joining the Qi standard Apple will let the world know that they are also helping the community and collaborating with different manufacturers, and there won’t be any need for a third-party licensing.

Even though this is still a rumor, we hope that Apple won’t do such move for iPhone 8.


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