Apple updates iOS for iPhone broken-links bug


Apple pushed an iOS update for iPhone and iPad to fix a bug that causes your devices to lock up, easily drain battery and links that are not working.

This update of iOS 9.3.1 is now available for download to any iPhone and iPad devices. It was a fix caused by third party apps that overloads the core component of iOS that handles links within the app from Safari, Mail and other third party apps.

This issue was pinned down to apps, using a large collection of links within the Apple’s Universal Links system, the apps claims certain URLs and opening them within the app rather than using Safari. These issue was highlighted by users updating the iOS 9.3, which was launched on March 21st, causing the iOS to fix the links and their apps across the third party Universal Link installed on the said devices.

Some apps even incorrectly formatted the list of URLs, in the case of, the database of thousands of URLs have individually lsited, which becamse a 2.3MB in size, where usually databases are only kilobytes in size.

The size and complexity of the URL list broke the Universal Links system, sending the iPhone or iPad into a constant loop and making all links inoperable across most of the system and with it incurring the wrath of users infuriated by broken phones.

This issue creates a constant loop in iPhones and iPads making all the links not useful across the system, while updated its app and remove the massive database of URLs, it didn’t fix the issue, which requires Apple to push for an update to all of their devices running on iOS 9.3.

If you’re experiencing this kind of issue, you can now update your Apple devices to fix it and hopefully there are no more iPhone broken-links bug from this update.


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