Rumor: Apple will ditch the headphone jack in iPhone 7


Apple might remove the headphone jack in the upcoming iPhone 7, this rumor has been circling around and really have to find out if this credible or not.

The 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is everywhere now, from smartphones to computers to MP3 player (remember those?) But apple might not go for it in iPhone 7.

According to Mac Otakara, Apple is planning to cut the 3.5 headphone jack in iPhone 7, instead they will go for lighting-based headphones. The removal of headphone jack will result in a more slimmer phone, they claim the next iPhone will be a full millimeter thinner than the current model.

Mac Otakara says that iPhone will also have lighting based EarPods, and will also support third party Bluetooth and lighting based headphones. You can still use a 3.5 headphone jack if you use a adapter dongle or something that they will recommend.

Thought there’s a lot of rumors around iPhone 7, this time it might be real. MacRumors says that Mac Otakara is reliable, which gives him more credibility. Apple also introduces the MFi lighting based headphones last year, so they already laid the ground work for the transition away from headphone jack.

If you can remember, Apple has a history of dropping old technology to its products. The iMac lacked floppy disk drive and it helped popularized USB. The 12 inch Retina MacBook remove all parts to favor a headphone jack and USB-C port.

The HTC G1, an Android based smartphone was also shipped without a headphone jack. But iPhone 7 size will influence the market and removing the headphone jack might push other manufacturers to follow.

Though this development may lead to a headphone market, it is also possible that Apple has other big plans ahead for the lighting connector and iPhone 7.


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