Apple will kill traditional keyboards with its new patent


Apple giant has filed a new patent that could replace the traditional QWERTY keyboard with virtual keywords in the near future.

The patent describes the new technology as “configurable, force-sensetive input structure for an electronic device” this means that users will be free to decide to what interface they would prefer to use on their devices.

This new technology would work on feedback from flat surface, so users can use QWERTY keyboard while working on a document or switching to numpad keypad while using spreadsheet.

The patent application appears to be similar to how iPad display works, which can be a move beyond the traditional keyboard interface we are used to seeing since computers.

The good thing is its currently a patent, though Apple‘s track record of experimenting with new technology in the past, we know that they will use it. Maybe in the upcoming MacBook? We will update you ASAP!


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