Best Apple iPhone 8 Concept we’ve seen so far


Apple will unveil this coming September their new iPhone 8, and it will be availalbe in stores in early October. The company can also wait until October to announce the iPhone 8. These are the questions that are circulating around the internet, whether Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 release schedule will come, certain leaks already surfaced and it might give us a little idea about the device.

Apple’s iPhone 8 will be the hottest smartphone device once it launch, Apple fans are more excited after having the same old iPhone design, they are completely redesigning their devices.

With new features like all-screen front side, OLED display panel, upgraded dual-lens rear camera and back lass case to enable wireless charging.

A YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone collected all the leaks and rumors and and crated a concept iPhone 8 mock up, and it is the most stunning iPhone we’ve ever seen. The overall look and shape of the device fits the real iPhone, they did a really good job of creating the concept.

The first part of the video shows iPhone 8 design that was close to reality, bezel-less display is still impossible considering the technology, and we all know what will be the iPhone 8 will look like.

Second part of the video is just fan-based concept, with a bunch of features that we are sure that will not be included by Apple. Like cloaking features, touch-sensitive edge for volume controls, a secondary notification display in Apple logo on the back, and a long-range wireless charging, which is not yet available in latest devices in 2017.

Overall, this is just a concept device based from leaks and rumors. We are still waiting for Apple to comment regarding their official announcement about the device.

What do you think about the Apple iPhone 8? Are you excited to own one?


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