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Did you know that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) collects your information, your browsing habits, websites you visited, and messages you posted. In this case, you need something that will protect you and make your browsing habits secure. Good thing there’s free VPN server that can help you secure general internet traffic and encrypt your devices and other networks that are connected to the said VPN.

What Is a VPN Server?

Basically, a Virtual Private Network or VPS is a group of computers that are networked together over a public network which is the internet. Big businesses or individual uses VPS to connect to remote data centers to access network resources when they are not on the same local network. This is also a method of securing and encrypting the communication when they are using entrusted network

You could have heard about VPS server, but you didn’t bother to learn about it. Honestly, you should be using a VPN even though you think that you’re not doing anything bad or your connection is protected.

Since we wanted to cut cost, and don’t want to opt to monthly bill, we will look for a free VPN server. We will list down the best VPN providers and see which one offers the best speed, location and services. These will be free, but still premium VPN server is the best choice, we are trying to save here 😉

Basically, when you connect ot your VPN, you’ll launch the VPN server client on your computer and login, your computer then exchange encrypted keys with the server. Once verified, all of your internet communication will be secured and encrypted for anyone.

Important things that VPN does is, it secures your computers internet connection so that all of the data your sending and receiving will be secured and encrypted from spy people (*cough* government *cough* NSA *cough*)

How You Can Benefit from Using a VPN Server


If you’re a downloader, legally or illegally you don’t want be in court defending yourself from torrenting a software, movie or any other protected material. Better have your VPN instead of paying a massive fine on charges, right?

Security People

Privacy and security people, who wanted to keep their communications and actions secure and encrypted from ‘spy kids’ whether you’re home or abroad. These people treat security very seriously.

Youtube Addict

If you’re in YouTube always and cannot view the video because it requires US IP, you can definitely use a VPN US IP based. This will surpass any restrictions on any video, content and other web materials.


If you’re always on travel, and wanted to be connected on the internet, you definitely need a VPN server. Chances are, opening your laptop from a public wi-fi or smartphone device can put you at risk of losing your password and other login access.

What Makes for a Good VPN Server?

The best VPN server should offer a balance features, server location, connectivity protocols and affordable price. While some are great for occasional use, other are designed to have location restrictions on their apps and severs. Some are for people who downloads large files and wanted to be hidden while doing it.

Free VPN Server

How to get a free VPN server, they offer free so expect some slow speed (2mbps – 30mbps) and limited Geo-location IPs.

) Go to
2) Choose the plan that says Total VPN (VPN + SmartDNS).

oKAEzAb Protect Yourself Browsing Online Using Free VPN Server

3) Select the twelve-month plan and press the checkout button.
4) Enter the promotional code “KOMPUTERSWIAT“.
5) You shouldn’t have to enter any details other than your username/password/email, then you’ll be sent an email with instructions and so forth.
6) Download the VPN client, and install it in your computer.
7) Check your email and copy the credentials to login into ibVPN
8) Go to and copy your IP
9) Back to ibVPN, go to SmartDNS > paste your current IP on the field and hit update.


Once installed, go to Settings > follow the check box on the image below.

ibvpn-settings Protect Yourself Browsing Online Using Free VPN Server

Click the ibDNS on when you wanted to watch youtube that have a Geo-restriction.

ibvpn-settings-ibdns Protect Yourself Browsing Online Using Free VPN Server

Set it to auto-login, select your nearest area so your ping is faster. I am based in Philippines, the nearest is Singapore. But you can set it to US, and you’ll have a huge speed boost!

ibvpn-settings-ip Protect Yourself Browsing Online Using Free VPN Server

If you have more questions, of wanted to know more just check their knowledge base.


This is free for one year only, but we need to take advantage of this free VPN server 🙂 After one year and your happy with them, just update your billing info and continue using them. Please share this to your friends, so all of us will benefit from the security of the VPN server.


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