Leak: Xiaomi Mi 5 Design, iPhone-look-a-like


Xiaomi was known from taking their design inspiration from Apple, and with the launch of Xiaomi Mi 5 is no different. A new leaked shows a new device that looks like an iPhone. The new 2.5 D curved glass display and a glass backing is definitely new. The camera, earpiece and home button are the same though.

Rumors suggest that 4GB RAM, 1080p QHD resolution with a Snapdragon 820 chipset, 16GB or 64GB storage, 3,030mAh battery, a 16MP rear camera and a 8MP front camera. It also has a fingerprint scanner, which is a potential 2016 flagship smartphones.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 will be sold around $309, it will change according to import fees. It also appears that there will be several versions, black, white, gold and pink.

Xiaomi-MI-5 Leak: Xiaomi Mi 5 Design, iPhone-look-a-like

Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi Mi 5 will be available early 2016, make sure you keep an eye on this device.


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