LG Stylus 2, Their next phablet device


One week to go before LG MWC press conference, where they expect to unveil a new flagship smartphone, the LG G5. Today, they announce another handset.

The LG Stylus 2 is following the G4 Stylus which was launched last May 2015, the screen size of 5.7 inch is the same but has shaved a few millimeters off the thickness, the Stylus 2 measures 7.4mm vs G4 Stylus 9.4mm.

It is also a few grams lighter than the latter, only 145gs. The phablet also include a SD card slot for more expandable memory, also have a 3,000mAh removable battery, which is pretty neat!

Another tweak that they made is they bundled stylus with a pen, which they call “pen”. The pen is a nano-coated tip, they also claim that it enhacned accuracy vs the rubber-tipped styles of the last year’s phablet.

New feature that they did is, to avoid a phone and stylus being separated. The device will pop up a warning notification when the handset detects to be in motion, and the stylus bay is still empty. No more losing your stylus drama here.

LG Stylus 2 will be powered by Android 6.0, 1.2 GHz quad core, 1.5GB RAM and 16GB internal, in terms of spec it won’t be the high-end smartphone flagship.

Camera will be 13MP located in the LG trademark rear power key placement, and it will have three variants, white, brown and titan (metallic grey). Though still no specific pricing yet from LG, according to sources the price tag would be the same for mid-tier phone.

The company will be showing the new LG Stylus 2 at the MWC next week, we will keep you updated once it started.


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