LG will help Apple for iPhone 7 dual-camera

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New reports for the Apple iPhone 7, analysts at Nomura Securities says that Sony could be behind the schedule for supplies of the dual camera systems necessary for the upcoming iPhones, causing Apple to ask LG for more order.

We think Sony may not be able to deliver its full share of dual cameras to Apple due to: (1) lower-than-expected yield, and (2) damage to its production facility from the April earthquake in Kumamoto. As a result, we think LGI will gain majority share of the initial dual camera orders from Apple; hence, we upgrade to Buy.

Just last month, Sony issued a press release detailing the damage and delays its facilities due to earthquakes in Kumamoto, during that time, it was unclear if the facility which manufactured mostly image sensors supplied for iPhon, any impact would definitely hold Apple to release the new device. Sony suspended the operations on another facility used for manufacturing smartphone image sensors due to earthquakes.

Nomura Securities also says that they expect Apple to bring optical image stabilization to its 4.7 inch iPhone 7, something that is limited to 5.5 inch models

Lazada Philippines

The analyst also note that several reports in the recent months pointing the new dual camera system for the iPhone 7, the latest from KGI analysts who said Apple will adopt to new dual camera on its entire 5.5 inch variant after stating it could only bring one variant for the next 5.5 inch line up.

Today, another rumored for the iPhone 7, a Smart Connector like what Apple used on latest iPads, this was also shut down along side with some new details.

Earlier this week, Apple iPhone 7 images popped up showing a new tapered antenna design and a laser auto-focus feature.

Lazada Philippines

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