Long Distance Wireless Charging is Finally Here


Wireless charging is probably the greatest technology that allows you to charge without the hassle of cables or torn USB ports. You can just place your phone or smartwatch on a charging surface and you’re good. Though, the downside is using your phone will stop the charging. I know, that sucks.

Si-Ware Systems and Ossia have introduced a new system called Cota can charge your compatible mobile device within 30 foot radius. This isn’t as near as a Quick Charge 2.0 though, but still a pretty decent improvement in the tech world. The technology means that direct line isn’t necessary, so you can have your device through minor obstructions.

While there are some things to consider, like the effect of constant charging on a device that’s at home for 12 hours a day, but it’s an awesome step forward.There will be some downside, like charging your device at home for 12 hours a day. Still it’s and awesome technology and can help us a lot!

Hope it won’t be long before we can use long distance wireless charging technology, with this on hand, I will never get up my seat and plug my devices 🙂




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