Magic Leap 3D Can Beat Microsoft’s HoloLens


Magic Leap 3D is offering a new technology that can revolutionize the 3D world. It might also beat the Microsoft’s HoloLens, which was introduced this year.

There are no special effects in the reality demo video that Magic Leap shared on Tuesday, the video shows a imaginary objects that is blended into a real-world setting that was shot using Magic Leap’s reality technology.

The details about the Magic Leap’s AR headset have been the buzz so far, the CEO Rony Abovitz gave a little information about it during the WSJDLive conference in California.

The software behind the Magic Leap headset senses and can understands the elements of the user’s environment – according to Abovitz. These software allows the digital object to know where they can occupy in the real world, though it appears to be the case in the latest teaser from the stealthy startup.

Uses of Magic Leaps 3D

Although there isn’t enough information to create a useful comparison between Magic Leap 3D and Microsoft’s HoloLens, the usage is about to be the same, both foresee their AR headsets being used in the entertainment, education, enterprise and healthcare.

magic-leap-3d-2 Magic Leap 3D Can Beat Microsoft's HoloLens

For example, an interior designer can leverage AR to help their Clients visualize the recommendations for furniture, decoration and others. An architect can use it to help buyers envision how will the room would look like.

Other uses will be AR could be used for a complement of gaming and entertainment variety, these kind of applications are limitless on user’s imagination.

It can also guide users like cooking, computer repair, carpentry, surgery and other overlaid tutorials that needed more visual examples. By having the ability to work on a task with on-hand vision will add a lot of value to experience.

What are you’re thoughts? Do you think Magic Leap 3D would be so helpful that it can do more damage? We are eager to see how will it turn out in the coming months of development from Magic Leap’s development.


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