No 3.5mm Jack for Apple iPhone 7, according to leaks

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New images has been seen as the rear casing for the upcoming Apple iPhone 7, if the pictures are accurate, the iPhone 6 successor will have the best sound performance we’ve ever seen on an iPhone device.

The iPhone 7 case might have four speaker grilles, two on top and two on bottom. The previous romours suggest that Apple will ditch the 3.5mm jack to house two speakers at the bottom. According to the leak, there are two speaker grills on the bottom that is adjacent to the Lighting port and two on top.

On the images, we don’t see any 3.5mm jack on the bottom part which proves our leak to be true (we hope). The camera will be housed on the top-right of the deivce, the mic and flash will be the bottom part, not the sides as expected. The camera hole on the case is now larger than before, maybe they will add more aperture for more quality photos.

iphone7_rearpic2_nowhereelse No 3.5mm Jack for Apple iPhone 7, according to leaks

iPhone 7 Leak Case

According to Nomura Securities, even though the dual camera setup is only exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple may bring an optical image stabilization to the 4.7 inch iPhone 7. The past leak suggest that Apple is going to make iPhone 7 1mm slimmer, and will introduce a Smart Connector at the back for Smart Keyboard cover and charging docks.

Lazada Philippines

There will be 3GB RAM will be shifted to the edges to make them more sleeker. iPhone is also rumoured to have three variants, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro or Plus Premium. The report also claims that Sony has been behind from the Apple‘s order for dual cameras due to natural hindrance.

iphone7_rearpic_nowherelse No 3.5mm Jack for Apple iPhone 7, according to leaks

iPhone 7 Leak Case

Another leak from Steven Hemmerstoffer suggest that a 256GB variant will be introduced in the iPhone 7 Pro line up. They are hinting a 16GB, 64GB, 256GB and also 128GB. The base storage will be 16GB, and will have dual-camera module, that has been rumoured for the larger iPhone 7 variant.

Lazada Philippines

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