OnePlus 5 ‘Jelly Scrolling’ is a Feature, Customers are Freaking Out!


There’s a new issue for OnePlus 5 smartphone, though it isn’t a serious issue customers are freaking out about it and they already reported it to OnePlus, which they replied that this is a feature of OnePlus 5 jelly scrolling.

If you check out the video below, when scrolling the display will give you a jelly scrolling effect, which is kinda weird and cool in a way 🙂 Some users doesn’t like it, while some think it is a cool feature to have.

Based on the reports, only 5 units of OnePlus 5 are affected by this strange display issue, and we are still for the official reports.

OnePlus 5 uses the same level of high-quality components as all OnePlus devices, such as AMOLED display“, according to OnePlus. “We’ve received some feedback from a small number of users which they notice a subtle visual effect when scrolling, this is natural and there is no variance in screens between devices

For now, we can only hope that will release a proper and detailed information about this reported issue, because some users are freaking out and it could affect their sales.

There is still no official number of users who are affected with this jelly scrolling issue, OnePlus said that the jelly effect is not a QA or a defect, it is normal and natural.

What do you think about this OnePlus 5 jelly scrolling issue? Would you get a smarphone with this kind of feature?


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