Most Popular Motorola Razr will Return in 2016


Motorola, the manufacturer that is now owned by Lenovo released a teasing video with hints about the return of the popular phone, Motorola Razr. The description says, “Flip back to the Razr days to yesteryear and get ready for the future”.

What they are planning is beyond us, but everything will be revealed on June 9, when Lenovo Tech World that will take place in San Francisco. There will be different devices that will be shown off, and probably a return of the Razr brand.

That’s probably they want us to believe, but we are pretty sure that Razr is coming back. Flip phones still has an appeal to the users, though it could be a risk since most of us are used to the flat mirror-like design.

Another thing that we think is, Lenovo is probably showing us what Motorola has accomplished over the years, and how they conquer the mobile industry. Or they are making a retro comeback, that could be it!

If Lenovo is preparing a surprise to us, Motorola Razr has lost it’s name over the years, and the flip phones are not that cool anymore, Or so we think.


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