Samsung Reveals New Galaxy S9 Look


2017 is almost over and yet Samsung is already preparing to launch their new Samsung Galaxy S9. This device will have the most updated hardware, software upgrade and more, OnLeaks made a render based on schematics and leaks that are running around the internet for Galaxy S9.

There isn’t a lot of changes in Samsung Galaxy S9, at least in design perspective. It will probably run on Snapdragon 845 with 4GB RAM. No 3D face recognition though, but it will have its improved iris scanning.

One of the drawbacks however might be the main camera, from the renders there is only one rear camera for the Samsung Galaxy S9. It seems they are sticking to old strategy, or they have a trick on their sleeve. If you wanted a dual camera, Galaxy S9 is not the right one for you.

The good news is the new placement of fingerprint scanner, which will placed below the camera. A more centered place to which the users prefer.

Firefox_Screenshot_2017-12-18T10-01-39.072Z Samsung Reveals New Galaxy S9 Look

Given the Samsung Galaxy S9 is shaping up according to rumors and leaks, we might see different reactions from users. We are looking forward to what the other phone manufacturers are doing to compete with this smartphone.


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