Snapchat Acquired Bitmoji App Bitstrips for $100 million


Snapchat reportedly acquire bitmoji app from Bitstrips for $100 million, using a mix cash and stocks, according to report byt Fortune, points out that Bitstrips was introduced way back in 2007 that was based in Toronto.

It is not clear at the moment on what Snapchat is planning to do with Bitstrips. Bitstrips started as avatar creation for yourself back in 2013, where you can choose what will be your avatar and how it will look like.

These avatars can go onto the star of comic strips that stars you and your friends, there’s also a bunch of scenes that you can put onto your character. Bitstrips keeps adding more over time for users to explore and use, they even have a iOS and Android app for users to make comics on the go.

According to the report, Snapchat hired several developers from major reality groups like Microsoft’s HoloLens, PTC, Vuforia and eye-tracking tech creator Eyefluence, to make the Snapchat’s pair of “smart glasses”. The company shows interest when Goolge launched their Google Glass couple of years back.

Snapchat also bought Vergence Labs, they produced a couple of glasses that is equip for embedded camera, they acquire it for $15 million in March 2014.


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