Sony VR headset is a success, beats rivals price


Sony’s sales has climbed to the highest level since January after unveiling the Sony VR headset that was priced significantly below rival manufacturers, the Japanese company is aiming for next-generation gaming.

The Sony VR playstation goes on sale on October $399, the company mentioned during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. That’s half the price on HTC Vive $799, develop by HTC and game publisher Valve. Facebook also priced their Oculus Rift at $599, while other headsets may offer higher quality graphics, most of them requires high-end computers in order to run. Sony VR headset will be available to 36 million customers who owns PlayStation 4.

“It’s a really compelling price that aims for mainstream market share and this is key for VR platform success,” said Damian Thong, an analyst at Macquarie Group in Tokyo.

Sony sees the PlayStation VR as a broaders ecosystem push, something that will favor more for PS4, and more customers to upcoming PS5 in the near future.

sony-virtual-reality-headset Sony VR headset is a success, beats rivals price

Sony VR headset

You can run more than 50 games from Sony’s system before the year end, said the Tokyo-based company. EA is also creating their version of Star Wars Battlefront for headset, Sony declined to give us any information whether that game would be coming out this 2016.

Oculus Rift headset will be shipping on March 28, its a new beginning of a virtual-reality gaming, using the VR headset that requires a powerful computer that cost more than $1000. Currently, there are only 13 million computers that are capable to run the said device, according to Nvidia.

Hoping that the Sony VR headset would give use a new gaming experience and more games will be launch this year, so we can enjoy it more.


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