Top 10 Best Gadgets for Summer 2017


If you are planning your vacation this summer, you need to make sure to double check your stuff and don’t forget the things that might ruin your summer vacation. Today, we are going to list down the top 10 best gadgets for summer 2017, that will help you prepare for the season.

Since gadgets and other devices has been a huge part of our lives now, we need to make sure that we have the right one. We can’t capture memories on a limited microSD card, or have a low battery when travelling to our destination.

Bluetooth Speaker

If your an audio-addict (who isn’t?) and wanted to share your music to your group, this is the right one to have. Bluetooth speaker sounds better than your smartphone’s speaker, it also last longer. Some are waterproof design, which is cool for accidents on the beach or pool area.


If you like to enjoy your music alone, headphones are the way to go! Since the technology on headphones has changed dramatically, you can enjoy the best sound of your favorite music with noise cancellation feature and bluetooth capability, no more tangled wires.

Action Cam

Action cam are a must for adventure junkie, you can use it on different terrain and even under water. Another good thing about these action cam are the technology of their camera is far beyond what it used to be. The memory support is now larger, even 128GB! You will also take advantage of different mounting accessories for different task, and create some sick angles.

Mobile Phone

If you’re planning to upgrade your mobile phone this summer, there are numerous sales now on different stores! Make sure you grab one with good specs that matches your need and has the power to stay all day.


If you have multiple smartphones that needed a back up power, powerbank is the way to go! It can save you from draining the last ounce of your battery. Its now a practical idea to bring a powerbank with you, especially if you are going to travel more than 8 hours.

In choosing a powerbank, the bigger the capacity, the better. So make sure you go for 10, 000mAh or even 20, 000mAh. You can recharge your devices multiple times, and you don’t have to worry about draining your back up power.


Tablet are now a must have, especially if you wanted to bring work with you. Nothing beats a larger monitor with more space to work on, this is great if you are writing emails, replying to clients or reading an ebook.

Point and Shoot Camera

There’s a reason why point and shoot cameras are still around, they are easy to use and can capture more clearer than action cam. Most of them are now in waterproof design and handle tough situation.

DSLR Camera

If you’re into photography, you better save up and grab a pair of DSLR cameras that can capture those amazing moments and breath-taking views. It can be pretty costly, if you’re still an amatuer though,  you can alway go for basics and continue to learn about photography and have small upgrades from here and there.


This is a must have for me, flashlight can help you a lot! Especially if you’re going to remote island with no power, having a light in your hand can give a little relief when you are in the dark. Flashlight has changed since, it is now more brighter and powered by LEDs, can reach longer and more efficient in terms of saving power. Most of them are being bundled with stun gun, which is one of my favorite 🙂 You can light up your way, and protect yourself from harm.

Bluetooth Trackers

This is a god’s gift for people who always lost their stuff (can you name one? :)), you will be notify if there are lost items, by simply attaching the bluetooth trackers. In case your too far away from your keys, your tracker will trigger and chirp notifying you about your keys. Some bluetooth trackers have GPS features in them, so it will be easier for you to locate your lost stuff. I would highly recommend getting these for all of your important things.

We added certain accessories that will help you with, these may or may not be considered gadgets but they can help you with your task at hand.


A good backpack is your best friend when travelling, having to cramped all of your things and make sure all of your devices are protected and not squished / damage inside. Most backpack have separate pockets for smartphone, tablets and even laptop. When buying a backpack, make sure that you can fit all of your usual stuff, and it is comfortable to carry. Go for 30-60L capacity depending on your load, and things you needed to bring with you.


For a photographer or youtuber, tripod is a must have. In order for you get those amazing shots, you’ll need a steady hand. Though tripod has gone a long way, from fixed up to octopus type which you can tie on basically anything and get the best angle / shot that you wanted.

Memory Card

Gadgets wouldn’t be useful if you don’t have any spare microSD cards, even though they now offer a whooping 128GB, its not enough if you’re shooting even in 1080p. A couple of microSD can help you a long way, since they are tiny and won’t take that much space. Always grab more spare that you typically use, better to have those shots than to regret it later 😉

Waterproof Case for Mobile / Waterproof Case for Tablet

If you’re planning to near water in your summer vacation, make sure to bring a waterproof case for your devices. The last thing we don’t want is to accidentally drop one of our gadgets, that would ruin the entire experience. Preventing this from happening is far more better and will give you an ease of mind.

Hope the list is helpful to you, and you picked up the best gadgets for summer 2017. If you wanted to add to the list, comment below and we will update the article!


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