Top 10 Features of Apple iPhone X


For many months we gathered and reported the leaks and every single detail about the upcoming (already released) Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X, and still the company managed to blow us away with the devices features that we never expect. We know about the OLED display, the design and price point, but there are things that we never knew would come.

Seeing the unveil of the device on stage at the Apple campus was just impressive that we though we should list down it’s top 10 best features that you should be aware of.

Super Retina Display

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This is the first iPhone with OLED display, and the Super Retina Display is a great sight, it measuers 5.8 inch, and has a 458ppi with 1,000,000:1 color ration. Also a True Tone screen, which you can automatically adjust the color based on the temperature lighting that you are in.

No Home Button

We already knew about this from the leaks report, but Apple replaced the home button with gestures. A swipe from up will bring you the home screen. Or a swipe down will bring you the app switcher. Removing the home button allowed Apple to create a full display smartphone.

Glass Build

Apple created the body of iPhone X in sturdy glass and stainless steel. There are two variants, blacka nd white and the stainless steel polished to match the said colors.

Face ID

This is the enhanched facial regonition feature that will utilize the new True Depth Camera System. It has eight different cameras and sensors that combines and instantly recognize your face. The new A11 Bionic chip has a built-in neural engine that powers the said system. The facial recognition also works if you are wearing glasses or you are wearing a new hairstyle, even growing a beard doesn’t affect it. Low light is also not a concern, since there is also an infrared element included.

Face ID works by unlocking your device, Apple Pay, and any third-party apps that implement it, just like the old Touch ID.


apple-iphone-x-features-1024x544 Top 10 Features of Apple iPhone X

Apple iPHone X new True Depth Camera System can also be used in a feature called Animoji. Which has a dozen of different animated emoji and you can send them to mirror your own facial expression and movements.


The iPhone X featuers a new dual-lens camera on the back of the device, it has dual optical image stabilization making it a great smartphone to feature a dual OIS. The camera have 12MP sensors, and a ton of enhancements to improve color reproduction and reduce noise.

New Portrait Mode

The Portrait Mode is also enhanced, this new portrait lighting feature that will let you add lighting effects to your Portrait Mode shots. The True Depth Camera in front can take your selfies in Portrait Mode.

A11 Bionic Chipset

iPhone X is powered by 64-bit 6 cores Bionic processor, benchmarks will tell you all about this processor and how fast it is.

Wireless Charging

cupertino-launch-schiller-shows-iphone-event-during_b1dbe294-97f7-11e7-baba-4acd69b87684 Top 10 Features of Apple iPhone X

Since Android devices have this all along, it is great that Apple finally supports Qi Wireless Charging, this is great to all consumers out there. Apple also created a new charging mat that is capable of charging iPhone X, Apple Watch and AirPods, all of the same time. That’s a huge convenient to us!

What do you think of the Apple iPhone X? Would you willing to get it for its features or you have other smartphones in mind that can do all these? Let us know in the comments below!


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