Top 10 Reason Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is better than iPhone 7 Plus


After launching the Samsung Galaxy S8, we compared the two best flagship device on the market today. In a couple of weeks, customers will be able to purchase their Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

There are reports from Samsung that it already pre-sold more than 728,000 units and their are about to hit their target of 1 million before April 21, which is the official launch date.

If you’re still thinking about getting a Galaxy S8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus, we put together a list of reasons why Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is far better. You should check our list below.


samsung-galaxy-s-plus-1024x633 Top 10 Reason Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is better than iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The Galaxy S8 Plus has 6.2 inch display with no side bezels and a small top and bottom bezels, it is also narrower than iPhone 7 Plus which has 5.5 inch display. On different independent testings, the Galaxy S8 Plus shows the highest rated display of all smartphones to date.

Fast Charging and Wireless Charging

While we are still waiting for actual battery life testing on Galaxy S8, it will only take a few minutes for you to charge it on USB Type-C or a wireless dock. A bit frustrating for iPhone 7 Plus since you need to buy a battery packs to have a longer battery life.

MicroSD Expansion

iPhone 7 Plus has three memory variants, the largest is 256GB which means a bit pricey for most people who needed that kind of storage. Galaxy S8 Plus offers a 64GB internal storage and a microSD slot so you can expand it to a larger memory, making it more easier for users.

Gorilla Glass 5

Apple designed their iPhone 7 Plus with glass on front and metal on black, Samsung Galaxy S8 has glass on front and back. Though this glass is Gorilla Glass 5, which is designed for increased drop protection surviving 1.6 meter, a shoulder height drops.

Security Options

Samsung-Galaxy-S8-plus-iris-scanner Top 10 Reason Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is better than iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Security

On Galaxy S8, you can set up the unlock via facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint, pattern, PIN and a password. iPhone 7 Plus has a fingerprint scanner with options for PIN and password, but Samsung’s iris scanner will be more conveniet and secure for more users.

Samsung DeX

Customers who uses their smartphones for everything they do will have the option to leave their laptop and work on Samsung DeX, this is best for business trips. Apple has no ability like this to extend iPhone to other external display.

Virtual Reality

Samsung is improving its virtual reality experience with handheld controller with is now included in Gear VR. Thought most customers uses VR for games and media viewing, other uses are being develop like virtual walk-throughs of engineering designs, medical procedure reviews and interactive presentations.

Bixby Assistant

samsung-galaxy-s8-bluetooth Top 10 Reason Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is better than iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung included Bixby on Galaxy S8, though the voice assistant won’t be ready, you can still see how it works and how it can be helpful to users. Samsung included a dedicated button on Galaxy S8, which means they are dedicated into making Bixby helpful to users to do regular task.

Bluetooth 5.0

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be the first smartphones which comes with Bluetooth 5.0 support, this improves connectivity performance, extends the range and allows you to connect two Bluetooth headphones into one Galaxy S8 device.

Samsung Pay

Apple Pay is popular, but Samsung Pay supports several retail locations which allows the customer to replace their credit or debit card with this technology. Some users even use their Gear S3 smartwatch when using Samsung Pay, which is more conveniet to use.

Headphone Jack

galaxy_s8_headphone_jack Top 10 Reason Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is better than iPhone 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Headphone Jack

Apple removed the headphone jack on iPhone 7, which is weird move for a company since most people still uses headphone jack. Last year, Samsung purchase Harman, which means buyers are going to have a good pair of headphones in their unit.

Samsung is still pushing the smartphone technology forward on Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, while Apple is looking a bit dated with iPhone 7. Though Apple has other things that offers to customers, we still hope that Apple adapts to these new technologies so their customers can experience these new things and we can have a heathly competition between smartphones.


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