Top 5 Battery Saving Tips on Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best smartphones and has the best display on the market today, with these kind of features comes with greater battery usage. The question is, how can you save your battery to last longer than expected?

Disable the Always-On Display

samsung-galaxy-s8-battery-life-4 Top 5 Battery Saving Tips on Samsung Galaxy S8

Checking your device while it sits on your desk will slowly drain your battery, if you are trying to be efficient every bit of juice matters.

To disable Samsung‘s Always-On Display (AOD) from Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Always On Display. If yoou turn this off, your screen will remain off while it is locked. You have to press the home button to view or check your nofications.

High-Def is Good

Samsung_Galaxy_S8_Resolution_Settings_Leak-2-e1490187103493 Top 5 Battery Saving Tips on Samsung Galaxy S8

samsung galaxy s8 high definition settings

The Galaxy S8 screen resolution is always set to high definition, by switching to lower resolution, your battery will last longer.

In most cases, you don’t need the high resolution WQHD+ display when you are texting, or doing snapchat. If you are watching videos or playing games, you need the maximum display to be able to satify your needs.

You can always go back to Full HD display anytime you wanted, or low-res for longer usage.

Disable Auto Brightness

samsung-galaxy-s8-battery-life-2 Top 5 Battery Saving Tips on Samsung Galaxy S8

Another battery saving tip is makign your screen brightness lower, from quick settinsg panel > tap the small arrow next to the brightness slider > toggle the auto-adjust to Off.

Keep Screen Timeout Low

screen-timeout-galaxy-s8 Top 5 Battery Saving Tips on Samsung Galaxy S8

Keeping your display timeout low after you used your device will definitely save up your battery. Galaxy S8 default settings is to last 15 seconds, you can either go lower or longer depending your preference, though longer will ony eat so much of your battery.

From Settings > Display > Screen Timeout

Put Your Apps to Sleep

nougat-beta-put-apps-sleep-galaxy-s7-2-576x1024 Top 5 Battery Saving Tips on Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung added a function to manuall put your apps to sleep. When the said app is on sleeping mode, it will not run on background, any notification from that app will be on-hold. The next time you open the said app, it will wake up and the notifications will show.

To put an app on sleep mode, Long press the app icon > Settings pop up will show > Select Sleep from the list > Tap OK.

Other Tips

If you have other tips that you’d like to share on battery saving tips on Samsung Galaxy S8, please comment it below. If we missed something, make sure to let us know so we can update the article and help out our fellow S8 users.


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