What’s is Android N and Why Should You Care?


Google launched their developer preview of their latest Android N for Nexus devices, such as Next 6, 9, 5X, Pixel C tablet, Android One phone and Nexus Player.

What are the features, why should you care?

To start, side-by-side split-screen multitasking, don’t expect your apps to work on that mode yet.

Second, a tweaked notification panel, a single row of quick toggles on the top, though a dropdown arrow that can allow you to see these toggles.

The ability to reply notification without opening the app, interesting though, it uses Android Wear API that can use this functions.

There are other apps that are already compatible with this feature, developers choose to make their app compatible with Android Wear devices, smart choice by Google.

The notification, Ars says that these new update also introduced notification bundling, meaning all the alerts from one app can also be stacked. For example, Facebook friend request, private message, comment and other notification.

Another addition, tweaked version of Doze battery saving mode, that we’ve seen on Android Marshmallow. Doze requires your phone to be perfectly still to start, but Android N users can now choose to turn it on as soon as the screen turns off.

The developer preview can be accessed here, but do note that it’s not meant for everyday usage.

You can access the Android N developer preview here, but keep in mind this is not meant for production usage yet.


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