Working Video of Apple iPhone 8, Leaked


Apple’s launching of iPhone 8 will be a couple of weeks away, there isn’t much left to leaked about since every single feature has been covered. Even the design and display was leaked a couple of months back.

During those time, we haven’t seen a working iPhone device in video or photos. Now, Apple is a week away from announcing the launch, a new leaked video claims that they have a legit first ever working iPhone 8.

Though there is no way to confirm if this is real or not, the device shows a lot of similarities from our gathered data for the device. The way the video was captured was a bit dark and unable to see the device clearly, all we see is the iPhone 8 display.

The display looks legit, a huge cut out on top of the screen which is how Apple is placing the speaker, front-facing camera and sensors with its bezel-less design. The aspect ratio is 18:9, which was never seen before on a iOS device.

Several launcher apps are also out there designed to mimic iOS interface, so it is possible that this is happening in the video. The biggest indication that this is the iPhone 8 is the signal strenght indicator and Wi-Fi icon can be seen in the top right of the display, only Android devices are using this layout while iOS uses the top left corner.

Apple is expected to make some adjustments to the status bar to fix the iPhone 8 notch, and they didn’t mention if they will put the cellular and Wi-Fi icons on the right side of the screen.

It is possible that the video is real, and we are seeing a fully operational iPhone 8 for the first time. You can check out the Apple iPhone 8 full video here, or here.


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