Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Features, 5G, 24 Megapixel Camera and 960fps Video


With Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in less than a week away from launching, and every single detail has been released from the get-go. Cool features such as bezel-less, notch-less display and the sliding mechanism that looks similar to Oppo and Vivo.

It seems that the company is using the hype than being secretive on their product, as you can tell from their promo video. According to the said video, it isn’t the selfie cameras that slides up but the screen slides down. Though this is good in terms of durability, the solution would risk the screen connector from break and would result a dead display.

The device will also feature a 10GB RAM, according to several leaks that will only come in special edition. There will be four variants, 6GB RAM 64GB internal storage for $510, 6GB RAM 128GB internal storage for $555, and 8GB RAM 256GB internal for $645. All variants will be powered by Snapdragon 845.

Xiaomi mentioned that the Mi Mix 3 will be the worlds first 5G phones, though rumor has it that the 10GB variant will have its functionality. If Xiaomi will launch a 5G model in the market, it will be the first 5G mobile phone.

xiaomi-mix-3-2-1 Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Features, 5G, 24 Megapixel Camera and 960fps Video

xiamo mi mix 3

The Mi Mix 3 will also have 1080 x 2340 6.4″ AMOLED panel, some rumor mentioned that it includes a rear fingerprint scanner, a glass back that would be helpful for wireless charging and fast facial recognition. Though no 3.5mm headphone jack, thanks Apple!

The dual rear cameras are 16MP for the main lens and 13MP telephoto lens that are capable of 960fps slow-motion capture. To achieve the 960fps, you need to interpolate the 240fps, which could result in sub-par experience compared to flagship device like Sony XZ3 or Samsung Galaxy S9.

2018-10-21-image-2 Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Features, 5G, 24 Megapixel Camera and 960fps Video

xiamo mi mix 3

Xiaomi’s focus on the Mi Mix 3 designed the ceramic white color hand in hand with British Museum, though the color is great some say they copied it from iPhone X’s look.

The said Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be launched on Chine Tuesday, we are still waiting for US and UK launch.

What do you think of the new Mi Mix 3? Do you like how these smartphone manufacturers removing the notch and going for sliding mechanism?


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