Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone Launched with Snapdragon 820 processor


During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Spain, the VP for Xiaomi Hugo Barra gave us the first look at the new Xiaomi Mi5 smartphone.

Xiaomi has been the one with the worlds largest manufacturers since 2011, they are only available in China and some Asian countries. Since then, they sold over a 70 million units to users.

The Beijing beased company has branched out into the consumer products and services, like scooters, fitness bands, tablets, routers, power banks and more. Many of these are separate startups that backed up by Xiaomi financially.

Xiaomi-mi5 Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone Launched with Snapdragon 820 processor

Xiaomi Mi5

Xiaomi Mi5 Specs

During his presentation, Barra was quick to tout the Mi5’s speed, backed by the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GM of RAM, and 128GB of on-board flash storage.

During Barra’s presentation, the Xiaomi Mi5 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB on-board flash memory. The Snapdragon 820 processor will give this smartphone a faster processor and less power consumption, which would mirror Samsung’s move to use Snapdragon for it’s Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge line up. Qualcomm is co-sponsoring Xiaomi during the launch event.

The said device is available in black, white, and gold. The Mi5 has a 3D ceramic back and it is the first device to feature a front fingerprint sensor, opposed to other smartphones using the back part. It also has a USB-type C charging port, similar to Xiaomi Mi4. Not to mention the 16MP rear-facing camera, NFC, quick-charge 3.0 and supports 600Mbs 4G+.

Xiaomi-mi5-1 Xiaomi Mi5 Smartphone Launched with Snapdragon 820 processor

Xiaomi Mi5

The device is 7.25mm thick and sports a 5.15 inch screen and only weights at 129g. The Xiaomi Mi5 will have two variants, the Mi5 Pro which is the main device, will cost $354. The entry-level version which has 32GB and is made from 3D glass, will roughly be $262.

The said device will be launch in China on March 1, followed by India but no confirmation regarding western markets. You can try on their online store, and have it shipped for you.

The Xiaomi Mi5 will have MIUI 7, Android 6.0 Marshmallow. MIUI will receive weekly software updates, and usually the Xioami users gets the Android updates first.


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