Xiaomi unveils the Mi Band 2 a Fitbit-copy


Xiaomi unveiled a new wearable device, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, it’s the company’s third fitness tracking device after Mi Band and Mi Band Pulse. The device tracks and monitors your heart rate and it has a tiny display. Best of all, it only cost $23!

The company has already sold more than 20 million device trackers already, making them the second largest fitness tracker behind Fitbit. Xiaomi is able to capture the market using it’s aggressive pricing strategy.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a little bit expensive than the previous versions, and a little bit fancier. The black and white display shows time, step count, heart rate and distance plus a calorie counters. You can use the device to monitor your sleep, which is a must for a fitness tracker.

xiaomi-mi-band-2-3 Xiaomi unveils the Mi Band 2 a Fitbit-copy

xiaomi mi band 2

Xiaomi borrowed a feature from Apple Watch, if you’re sitting too long, the Mi Band 2 will vibrate to remind you to move. It’s good to know that they added it, for those lazy folks who wanted to remind them to always move.

If you have a Xiaomi phone, it will detects and connects to your Mi Band so you won’t need to open your phone thru password, if you lost your phone the Bluetooth device will active the password.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect on your phone, battery can last up to 20 days, so you don’t need to charge it every single day. It is also water resistant and the silicon bands are replaceable. The Mi Band 2 will start selling in China on June 7, no reports for US and EU countries so far.


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