YouTube Red Launch, and What’s Your $10 Monthly Worth


YouTube Red launch it’s number 1 video commercial-free subscription services for video and music today, the real question is will people pay for the same Nextflix prices for such service? Since, the main privilege is to watch your favorite YouTube video without the ads.

YouTube Red is more than that though, for $9.99 per month, (after you consume your 1-month free trial) users will also have an unlimited access to Google Play Music streaming service, that has a whopping 35 Million songs.

The two key features here are, ability to save videos in the YouTube app – for offline viewing (yes, you can do that through desktop) and the background-play mode, so you can always listen to your favorite music while using your device on other task.

After checking out YouTube Red, the fact that it’s doesn’t offer that different experience from regular-free version, which you can skip ads after five seconds, or close those ads when you see them. I guess the best and helpful feature to me so far is the offline-viewing tab in the app, that would be useful.

Some say that YouTube’s goal with Red is to offer paid alternative to ad-blocking app services, in a more convenient and useful way, although it’s not that much of a factor to consider.

I guess, the real challenge for YouTube Red is that the basic value that runs YouTube’s billion users that always come back to the site for a free video content. Users are already trained to skip the ads (or close it) whenever possible, for now YouTube Red doesn’t change that much – at least for me.

The YouTube Red launch also angered some content creators, either they participate in the Red (55% revenue-share split) or their content would be made private. ESPN already pulls all of it’s video from YouTube, because the sports programmer contracts preclude it from offering sports-clips.

YouTube are now convincing content creators that they will see an upside from Red, user-per basis that pays a monthly fee will generate more money for creators than a typical ad-viewing user – according to YouTube.

During the launch last week, when asked about that Red might cut the ad sales because of the free users and paying users, Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s chief business officer responded – “even if YouTube Red wildly exceeded uptake expectations, it would still have only a minimal effect on ad revenue.”

Should YouTube add more into the mix to attract more users and content creators? Is the $10 per month worth it for an ad-free, 35 million music streaming songs and the download function view mobile? Let us know your thoughts, and let’s see what’s the next move from YouTube Red.


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